Customised solution Bridge illumination with LaneLED WALL

Mar 3, 2023

LaneLED WALL illuminates new bridge in Bellinzona

Pedestrian and cycle bridge impressively staged

Initial situation

In the course of the new construction of the pedestrian and cycle bridge between Monte Carasso and the old town of Bellinzona, a stylish and unobtrusive lighting solution was needed which also increased the safety of those using the bridge.

With the LaneLED WALL, homogeneous lighting was installed which blends inconspicuously into the handrail and showcases the bridge in an extremely appealing manner.

The new bridge is now another visual highlight of the townscape of Bellinzona, the «città dei Castelli».

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: City of Bellinzona / Lineltel Sementina
  • Requirement: New pedestrian and cycle bridge between Monte Carasso and the old town of Bellinzona
  • Solution: LaneLED WALL type 4  3‘000 K
  • Article: 215773 (Spiral staircase) / 196581 (Lighting north) / 232753 (Lighting south)
  • Quantity: North / South, per side = 172 m / Spiral staircase = 35 m

Customer benefits

  • more safety in the dark and therefore also increased protection against vandalism
  • any tripping hazards are minimised
  • Functionality coupled with modern design
  • low-maintenance
  • weatherproof materials
  • effective and even light distribution
  • dimmable

Areas of application

  • underpasses and overpasses in railway stations
  • escape route and emergency staircases
  • decorative applications in office or exhibition wings
  • hospitals and nursing homes
  • schools and day care centres
  • private and public pathways
  • staircases


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