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Aug 3, 2017

Individual electric power supply at the campsites

Contemporary electric power supply on campsites ensured by power distribution boxes of GIFAS. When out at night, the stroll will also be illuminated discreetly by the modern light column.

Initial situation

Some of the existing campsite distributors no longer satisfied modern specifications. Line cross-sections were not big enough, and not enough lighting was being provided to guide campsite residents around the site.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Electrical office, Altstätten
  • Requirement: Renovation of energy distribution incl. Guidance lighting
  • Solution: Distributions in V2A housings / Power pillars / lighting pillar with protective tube lights switched by twilight switches and motion sensors integrated in the the light pillars
  • Item no.: various
  • Quantity: 15 x surface mounted boxes on stand distributors, 12 x light pillars

Customer benefits

Simple and reliable plug connections in the individual distributors. V2A power pillars, clean fuse protection incl. RCD protective switches on location. Good guidance options during night-time visits to the WC and restaurant facilities.

Areas of application

  • fixed-location campsites
  • day tourists with a need for electrical power

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