News Controlled access with the retractable bollard

Jan 10, 2022

The flow of traffic can be effectively organised with our fully automatic bollard system.

Access or passage to properties, premises and pedestrian areas is controlled and unauthorised parking in private parking spaces is prevented. The system is lowered for unrestricted access and the area can be passed through without hindrance. 

The retractable bollard has been completely redeveloped. The experience of more than 10 years was combined with the current market requirements. The result is a modern and innovative product that fully meets the increased demands. Various features ensure good visibility and security.  Registration can be controlled with various access systems such as wireless, batch card reader, key switch, radar or RFID reader. The bollard is equipped with an integrated heating system for trouble-free operation in winter.

Other modified features:

  • Plug & play with pre-assembled cable
  • Can be wired through to up to six bollards
  • All basic functions are integrated in the basic bollard. A separate control unit is only required for advanced functions
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance
  • Optimum visibility thanks to two RGB LED bands in individual colours
  • Intelligent radar head – specifically programmable
  • Reflective strip for additional safety
  • Cost-efficient installation
  • Easy configuration with free PC software

The complete bollard system is made in Switzerland. 

Individual consultation or inspection of sample systems are a matter of course for us. We will be pleased to support you during installation, commissioning or in the case of service on site.