Customised solution Dam safely illuminated thanks to GIFAS lighting

May 7, 2024

Innovative lighting solutions from GIFAS

Safety is easy to switch on with the right lighting

Initial situation

Hidden in the dark, the passages suffered from insufficient lighting, which hindered camera surveillance and posed a safety risk. In addition, the technology of the existing lights was no longer up to date.

With the innovative lighting solutions from GIFAS, the reservoir now is in a new light. Depending on the location, different types of our luminaires were used. They all help to make this dam more visible and thus also take the safety aspect into account.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: FMV SA / HYDRO Exploitation SA
  • Requirement: New lighting for retention basin, 3952 Susten
  • Solution: Different light models for different locations
  • Article: StreetLED CUBE 48, StreetLED CUBE 72, DeltaLUXX 2 250, StreamLED 2 40
  • Quantity:
    4×Item no. 860938 StreetLED CUBE 48, 57 W / 4'000 K
    4×Item no. 860939 StreetLED CUBE 72, 86 W / 4'000 K
    3×Item no. 800296 DeltaLUXX 2 250, 270 W / 5'000 K
    6×Item no. 206368 StreamLED 2 40, 35 W / 5'000 K

Customer benefits

  • advice on site
  • energy-saving solution
  • weather-resistant materials
  • maintenance-free
  • all three systems from the same supplier: GIFAS!

Areas of application

  • StreetLED CUBE: Roads, crossroads, car parks, open spaces and industrial sites
  • DeltaLUXX 2: Area lighting, production and workshops, industrial and storage halls
  • StreamLED 2: Tunnels, tunnels, sewage treatment plants, water reservoirs, power stations


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