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Apr 22, 2024

Power columns RONDO M and L

Maximum flexibility thanks to modular design

Functional and aesthetic

The elegant RONDO energy column provides easy access to electricity in various environments such as leisure centres, infrastructure operations or in industry. Easy to install, either on a concrete base or with an optional floor flange. Thanks to its modular design, the RONDO adapts perfectly to your individual requirements.

General / Operating principle

The RONDO is assembled on a concrete base provided on-site by the customer or on the optionally available floor flange. The RONDO can then be connected to the power supply and is thereby ready for operation. 

The insertion piece for the cable outlet can be lifted for operation, meaning that operation is also possible with the door closed. The RONDO M is completely wired up by GIFAS and delivered ready for connection.


The RONDO M consists of a robust, solid housing with a lockable door.   Thanks to the modular design, the desired equipment can be installed. We are also happy to provide specific customer solutions.

Floor flange optionally

The bottom flange is made of stainless steel V2A, 1.4301, with anti-rotation protection. The anchoring is used if a concrete base for the RONDO assembly has not been provided on-site by the customer. The excavation work and the professional assembly of the floor flange in accordance with the standards have to be carried out on site.

Catalogue Power columns
Further information on the power columns RONDO

Set up

  1. Column
    - material: stainless steel V2A, 1.4301
    - surface / colour: V2A polished, RAL 9007 or painted according to customer requirements
    - cover: slanted, convex (round)
  2. Cable outlet – insertion piece
    - Cable outlet flap removable
  3. Holder for cable outlet flap
  4. Power distribution
    - Equipped to customer requirements
  5. Water and air connection
    - Equipped to customer requirements
  6. Standard lock
    - Triangle lock 8 mm (Other locks optionally)
  7. Floor flange (optional)
    ideal for installation in solid base (e.g. concrete)
    - 4×M12×27 mm


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