Customised solution Hard-rubber cable reel for fire-fighting application

Oct 4, 2018

Robust cable reels ready-to-use at any time

Optimum safety in the event of an emergency

Initial situation

In case of desaster operations (fires, floods, natural phenomena),cable reels are needed which are ready-to-use at any time. These criteria play a crucial role in the armed forces as well. Electrical safety is of crucial importance. The protection against electric accidents in extreme conditions at all weathers is essential. On account of the extremely massive construction and the use of high-quality components, it is possible without difficulty to drive over the cables with heavy devices.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Several fire brigades all over Switzerland
  • Requirement: Cable reels for toughest application by fire brigades civil protection or by armed forces
  • Solution: Robust, impact resistant and double-insulated cable reels made of hard rubber
  • Item no.: 083568 and others in various versions
  • Quantity: 

Customer benefits

  • wide range available from stock
  • individual fitting options possible; all cable reels with thermal protection
  • all individual parts are available as spare parts for maintenance / repairs
  • heavy and robust hard-rubber version – double-insulated
  • wide range available
  • individual and personal consultation by our sales team

Areas of application

  • cellar
  • vehicle halls
  • workshops
  • store
  • outside area
  • industrial halls


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