Customised solution LaneLED INOX42 as a stylish terrace illumination

Apr 22, 2020

Stylish illumination thanks to LaneLED INOX 42

Elegant privacy screens with accent lighting

Initial situation

A large terrace is built onto a house in the countryside with a holiday apartment. The ground around the terrace falls away steeply. A railing is therefore essential. An illuminated handrail was desired as a finishing touch, in order to accentuate the laser-cut pattern in the privacy screens with light.

The filigree pattern is illuminated by soft LED light from the handrail.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Werner Meier, Hundwil AR
  • Requirement: Accentuate privacy screens with integrated handrail lighting
  • Solution: LaneLED INOX42 illuminated handrail mounted on laser-cut privacy screens
  • Quantity: 8 meters

Customer benefits

  • anti-fall protection
  • attractive accent lighting
  • solid stainless execution in V4A
  • durable high-quality component parts 
  • maintenance- and service-friendly

Areas of application

  • terrace railing
  • underpasses and overpasses in railway stations
  • escape route and emergency staircases
  • decorative applications in office or exhibition wings
  • hotels and restaurants
  • staircases, private and public
  • pathways


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