Customised solution MarkLED EXIT as evacuation lighting

May 10, 2019

MarkLED EXIT – the combined LED light in the road tunnel

Optical guidance system and escape route lighting (evacuation lighting) in the A6 Allmend tunnel

Initial situation

The LED guidance systems also has been installed as part of the complete refurbishment of the Allmend Tunnel near Thun. The A6 Allmend tunnel represents the first MarkLED EXIT installation as escape route / evacuation lighting in switzerland. An LED lighting which is installed on the escape route / shoulder with a combination of optical guidance system and escape route lighting.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: ASTRA Thun / Marti AG
  • Requirement: Replacement of old LED guidance systems and replacement of evacuation lighting
  • Solution: Installation of the new MarkLED EXIT on the emergency exit side, installation of the MarkLED 4 on the opposite side as a conventional optical guidance system; MarkLED EXIT tested and certified to DIN 4102 Part 12 E30-E60
  • Item no.: 110 units each of MarkLED 4 and MarkLED EXIT
  • Quantity: 462 pieces MarkLED 4 and 30 pieces TrafficLED
  • Equipment: MarkLED 4 double-sided with 4 LED white, MarkLED EXIT double-sided with 4 LED white and 4 white high-power LEDs which can be switched on in case of emergency

Customer benefits

  • massive cost saving thanks to the elimination of conventional evacuation lighting
  • tested and certified system, installation with functional maintenance of the EXIT lights in accordance with DIN 412 Part 12 – E30 - E60
  • protection category IP68
  • safety extra-low voltage with wide voltage range 16 - 48VDC
  • complex customer requirements for various areas of application can be implemented on a project-by-project basis
  • extensive accessory range for a variety of mounting options

Areas of application

  • road tunnels
  • highway or main roads
  • underpasses
  • escape route lighting
  • distinction of lane markings
  • optionally also in railway tunnels with special designs


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