Customised solution PIAZZA, Sechseläutenplatz Zurich

Jun 16, 2017

Underground distributors permit power supply on site

To preserve the elegance and charm of the "Sechseläuten" square in Zurich, the covers of the underground distributors are filled with quartz sand and merge practically unseen into the environment.

Initial situation

Every year the Sechseläutenplatz square is the centre of public attention several times - with the "Böögg-Verbrennung" (bonfire symbolizing the banishing of winter), Circus Knie, Knabenschiessen (traditional target shooting competition) as well as other popular events. According to the new architecture planning, the "Piazza Grande of Zurich" shall be recreated in the style of other towns - given a size of 15,000 sqm. The square shall stand out by simplicity and size and shall turn into an attractive meeting place. This concept has been met by laying light Valser quartzite which gives the square a unique appearance.

Particular in view of these many occasions, it was important for the builders to come up with an elegant and practical solution for the power supply on site. A solution with temporary power distributors, cable bridges, etcetera was not an option because the square should appeal with its marvellous area. This is when GIFAS came into play - specialised in underfloor solutions in large squares. In close cooperation with the builders, and especially with our metal worker, a tailor-made solution could be developed which is pleasing for all parties.

In order to be able to unobtrusively and cleanly integrate the underfloor distribution systems in the square design, the cover was filled with Valser quartzite.

General information

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Customer benefits

Power on the spot, unobtrusively integrated into the square design.

Areas of application

  • Rest areas


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