Customised solution Power column Steinach harbour

Aug 1, 2017

Individual electric power supply at the mooring

In every weather, the robust power column will ensure safe power connection.

Initial situation

The electrical installation, including the supply line, had gotten outdated and no longer met contemporary regulations. The functionality of the RCD was no longer ensured and, as a result, safety could no longer be completely guaranteed.
The docks have been equipped with 34 new power columns and therefore once again meet current regulations.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: Steinach harbour commission / ETAVIS Arbon
  • Requirement: complete electrical installation / renovation of socket spaces
  • Solution: Hard rubber distributor on standpipe screwed to the pier
  • Item no.: Hard rubber distributor 7400 light grey (Item no. 165918)
  • Quantity: 34

Customer benefits

  • massive, weather-resistant design
  • tailor-made equipment
  • new installation that meets current regulations
  • for each distributor, 4 individually protected recessed CEE 16 A
  • the blue LED, serves as a discreet orientation light

Areas of application

  • Harbour dock


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