Customised solution Safety lighting for train platforms

Jun 16, 2017

Increased safety on railway platforms

The additional safety concept which massively increases the safety of passengers on platforms.

Initial situation

In the course of the new building of the football stadium Bern-Wankdorf they have also reconstructed and modernised the railway station Bern-Wankdorf.

In view of the oncoming EURO 08 in Switzerland and Austria and many other big events taking place in this stadium, this railway station becomes very important. Large numbers of passengers have to get in and out of the train as quickly as possible.

The railway line Zurich-Berne-Genève is a much frequented railway connection. Many express trains run without any strop but with high speed through the railway station.

White, tactile guidelines have been installed on the platform edges to improve the security; this however, was insufficient.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: SBB AG, Bern / Projektmanagement Olten
  • Requirement: Illumination of the train platform
  • Soluzione: Moduli LED a distanza regolare
  • Item no.: TrafficLED

Customer benefits

The effect and intensity of the LED-modules is particularly visible at night. The amber colour however can also be seen very well at daylight!

The passengers are attracted by these optical light signals in amber colour (orange) from all directions, without affecting the engine driver in a negative way.

Areas of application

Illumination of the train platform


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