Customised solution Square and path lighting using StreetLED

Jun 16, 2017

Illumination of the railway platform

The StreetLED provides ideal lighting for the railway platform in Château d'Oex without causing additional light pollution in the surrounding area.

Initial situation

Illumination is essential in guaranteeing the safety of commuters waiting on train platforms. The StreetLED provides the solution when optimal illumination is required. The targeted light beam bathes the entire platform in bright light while ensuring that the neighbouring areas are not affected.

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: MOB Service électrique
  • Requirement: Illumination of a station
  • Solution: StreetLED CUBE 48 comfort white 78W
  • Item no.: 860009
  • Quantity: 6

Customer benefits

  • strong light output with low energy costs
  • dimmable
  • compact and modern design
  • no maintenance required

Areas of application

  • Stations
  • streets
  • etc.


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