Customised solution StreamLED 2 illuminates the cavern in the Lötschberg base tunnel

May 11, 2021

Light as bright as day to make the work easier

Illumination of the cavern in the Lötschberg base tunnel with the StreamLED 2

Initial situation

The Lötschberg base tunnel had to be temporarily closed because an unexpected ingress of water washed sand into the eastern tube. A cavern is being built outside the tunnel tube to prevent further ingress of water and sand into the area of the railway. The StreamLED 2 was delivered and installed in a very short time, so that the cavern is now adequately illuminated. 

General information

  • Customer / installation engineer: BLS Netz AG
  • Electrical engineer: eprotraffic GmbH
  • Requirement: BLS Lötschberg base tunnel, karst water cavern
  • Solution: StreamLED 2 60 230 VAC
  • Item no.: 860671
  • Quantity: 100

Customer benefits

  • easy and quick installation
  • the glare is reduced to the minimum by turning the pipe.
  • less power consumption at very high utilization ratio
  • immediate full luminous flux
  • minimal temperatures progression
  • Insensible against shocks and vibrations

Areas of application

  • tunnel
  • access gallery
  • power station
  • sewage treatment plants


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