Cable crossover type MICRO 2-channel 273 x 48 x 1'005mm (BxHxL)

Item no. 207953


Quantity of channels 2
Diameter of cable 30.00 mm
Material Polyurethane
Max. load about 2'000 kg / 400 cm²
Weight 5.50 kg
Length 1005.00 mm
Height 48.00 mm
Width 273.00 mm
Characteristics – non-slip and step-resistant 3D LaserGrip® surface
– ergonomic design for even better accessibility by vehicle and by foot
– patented self-cleaning hinge and convenient locking system
– fire protection class B2 (DIN 4 102) DEKRA certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
– resistant to oil, acid, solvents and petrol
– made of extremely robust and shatterproof TPU
– individual branding possible
Colour black

Enables to drive over your cable installations - whether with 3 cable channels and load capacity of 5 tons or up to 5 cable channels and load capacity of 44 tons. To protect pedestrians and installations.

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