Cable crossover type MIDI, 5 channel 542 x 52 x 890mm (WxHxL) 

Item no. 016031


Quantity of channels 5
Diameter of cable 34.00 mm
Material Polyurethane
Max. load about 5'000 kg / 200 cm²
Weight 12.00 kg
Type Midi
Length 890.00 mm
Height 52.00 mm
Width 542.00 mm
Characteristics The MIDI cable bridge was designed as a solution to the cable bridge between applications and the type COMPACT STANDARD. 5 channels, a lower height and lighter weight than the guy STANDARD molded connectors, and features of this cable bridge. The load capacity is similar to the type STANDARD.
for cable max. Ø 34 mm

Enables to drive over your cable installations - whether with 3 cable channels and load capacity of 5 tons or up to 5 cable channels and load capacity of 44 tons. To protect pedestrians and installations.


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