Cable crossover type SMART, 3 channel 290 x 48 x 1'000mm (WxHxL9

Item no. 032295


Quantity of channels 3
Diameter of cable 30.00 mm
Material Polyurethane
Max. load about 2'000 kg / 200 cm²
Weight 5.00 kg
Length 1000.00 mm
Height 48.00 mm
Width 290.00 mm
Characteristics The smallest of the big. Easily, professionally and universally applicable. The new cable bridge SMART fulfils all expectations of a professional cable protection and extends the range GIFAS a compact, very lightweight (only 5kg), but passable cable bridge in the familiar black/ yellow design.
for cable max. Ø 30 mm

Enables to drive over your cable installations - whether with 3 cable channels and load capacity of 5 tons or up to 5 cable channels and load capacity of 44 tons. To protect pedestrians and installations.


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