CAMPETTO 6 Underfloor distributor boxes, B125, complete incl. power distribution
boxes (type 7300) and junction box (type 1812)

Item no. 146774


Load capability 12.5t (125 kN)
Type 7300
Length 580.00 mm
Width 290.00 mm
Depth 250.00 mm
Diameter 0.00 mm
Line protection / personal safety 32A
Power distribution boxes 1 case heating 10W
2 sockets type 23 - 16A 230V P+N+E
1 socket type 25 - 16A 230/400V 3P+N+E
1 socket CEE - 16A 400V 3P+N+E
1 socket CEE - 32A 400V 3P+N+E
1 RCCB 3N - 40A 30mA
1 automatic cutout 1P+N - 13A 'C' 6kA
2 automatic cutouts 3P-16A 'C' 6kA
1 clamp web 5x10mm²
1 cable gland M16x1.5 (cable Ø 5-10mm)
1 cable gland M25x1.5 (cable Ø 13-18mm)

Thanks to our Underfloor distributor system electrical power is now available everywhere without complicated temporary installations! Our underfloor distributor systems enable power to be supplied from the floor, whereby the distribution system does not stand around in the danger area.