Hose bridge solid rubber, 2 channel 830 x 102 x 320mm (WxHxD)

Item no. 203954


Quantity of channels 2
Material solid rubber
Max. load up to 40 t
Weight 15.00 kg
Type Hose bridges
Length 320.00 mm
Height 102.00 mm
Width 830.00 mm
Characteristics The hose bridge made of solid rubber is slip resistant and provides a 2-channel system for the recording of two B-or C-2 tubes. The ramp levels are marked in yellow. The laterally intermeshing connection webs are also used as carrying handles. By connecting the individual segments of any extension of the track width is possible, so that they can also be accessed by truck. The high load capacity is designated and approved up to 40 t load. The solid rubber has the property that he is temperature-, oil-, alkalis-, salt-resistant and weatherproof.
Colour black

Enables to drive over your cable installations - whether with 3 cable channels and load capacity of 5 tons or up to 5 cable channels and load capacity of 44 tons. To protect pedestrians and installations.

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