Power column ES 160, anodised aluminium Height 800mm, 1xT23 IP55, 1xT25 IP55, 1xCEE 16/5, 2xCEE 32/5

Item no. 228060


Material aluminium
Protection rating IP65
Width 160.00 mm
Depth 110.00 mm
Height 800.00 mm
Media electricity
Colour colourless anodised
Attachment material 4 screwsa V2A, 4 brass dowels
Characteristics Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Data and telephone combinations can be built in, also low voltage combinations, data processing modules, as well as control and signaling devices; CEE sockets up to 63A etc.; corrosion-resistant; extremely robust.
Equipment 1x T23
1x T25
1x CEE 16/5
2x CEE 32/5
  • Floor Panel 210 x 160 mm
  • the big brother of the ES 100
  • can be equipped on all four sides
  • distinguished by ist very sturdy design
  • ideal for applications with many connections and various options, especially in industrial and operational facilities
  • we also have several types of the ES 160
  • due to the height of the columns, the equipments and specific solutions, we would be glad to work together with you


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