Power column RONDO 300 grey RAL 9007 KSV 3020, 3xT23, 1xT25, 1xCEE16/5, 1xCEE32/5

Item no. 214558


Type RONDO 300
Locking Cylinder lock
Max water/ sewage supply 3/4" with water tap and hose connecting piece
Max access 2x M40 for 2 power cables 5x16 mm² (on building site)
Max fuse 1xFI 40/30mA, 1xFI 63/30mA, 3xLS 16A 1P.C, 1xLS 16A 3P.C, 1xLS 32A 3P.C
Heating strip optional
Characteristics The RONDO columns can be locked, individually equipped and offer a high level of protection against vandalism. The, power consumption occurs via the cable exit flap below the closed door.
Diameter 304.00 mm
Height 1200.00 mm
Weight 45.00 kg
Material stainless steel V2A
Colour grey
Input plug T23
CEE 16/5
CEE 32/5

Rectangular columns with their edges are not always what is wanted. We have four versions of round connection columns made of stainless steel, the RONDO models.

A RONDO column is mounted on a floor outlet using a flange panel and then connected to the mains. In the RONDO is a space for distributor housing in which the electrical distributor is integrated.