Recessed mounted distributor cabinet, box V2A 560x560x220mm, 80A / 2xT23 / 2xT25 / 2xCEE16 /
2x CEE32

Item no. 176121


Type 80A
Casing V2A
Max fuse 80A
Length 560.00 mm
Width 560.00 mm
Depth 220.00 mm
Colour grey
Output plug T23
CEE 16/5
CEE 16/5
CEE 32/5
CEE 32/5

Thanks to GIFAS recessed mounted distributor cabinets with solid rubber power distribution boxes you have access to a product range which is fulfilling highest demands. 

We use only high quality hard rubber distributor boxes and well proven components. This allows an impeccable, maintenance-free use for many years!