RoadLED battery LED warning light on hard rubber cable reel, 50m with 16 light modules, traffic yellow

Item no. 860839


Battery type Li-ion battery max. 21VDC; max. 3'000 cycles
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C
Optimal storage temperatures +10°C to +25°C storage for max. 3 months without recharging
Charging time 6h
Cable halogen-free special cable yellow H07BQ-F
Visibility - Day: 200m
- Night: 1'000m
weight 11kg
Max. load over-mobile, load capacity 3.5t (wheel pressure)
Cable length 50.00 m
Quantity of light modules 16
Characteristics - 4×LED‘s in lane direction and 1 LED on top and bottom of each light module
- function:
- continuous lighting up to 10h (100m) or 20h (50m)
- flashing 10ms
- blinking 1Hz
- running light 1 from cable reel to cable end
- running light 2 from cable reel to cable end
- running light 3 from cable reel to cable end and back
- control elements:
- On/Off switch
- multifunctional programme selector switch
- adjustable speed of the running light
- battery capacity indication

The battery-powered unit is ideal for the temporary marking or closure of diversions, construction sites,
securing danger areas, traffic control. 

  • solid, halogen-free hard rubber reel body with tubular steel
  • frame – stable and durable design
  • enhanced visibility of the cable reel body provided by red/white reflective foil
  • flexible with power autonomy of up to 20 h