TorchLED torch light, work and inspection light, 1xLED white / 7xLED red

Item no. 125385


Casing - PA6-housing, with rubber overmolded handle lots (non-slip)
- freestanding
- belt clip (chrome steel)
- mechanical resistant
Power supply 4 pcs AA 1.5V batteries (3'000mA) or 4 pcs AA 1.2V accus (1'900mA)
Temperature range -20°C up to +45°C
Characteristics Red light appears each time a button is pressed. This enables trains to be stopped quickly in an emergency in accordance with the SBB manual. The luminaire also includes integrated white light. It can also be used as a torch. The unmistakable operation of the switching element through colour coding enables work to be carried out safely in marshalling yards. It is easy to handle even when wearing winter gloves.
Width 68.00 mm
Height 115.50 mm
Depth 35.00 mm
Case colour yellow
Protection rating IP54
Weight 0.12 kg


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