GIFAS-World - Purification plant

The reliable power supply

Use in a sewage treatment plant makes exacting demands on the reliability and quality of the power supply.

High-quality products for a demanding environment

The work in a wastewater treatment plant requires long-lasting and sturdy products which guarantee trouble-free operation. The system and safety switches from GIFAS-ELECTRIC enable accidents to be prevented and make the daily tasks easier. The intense large-area illumination of the clarifiers and buildings is made possible by means of the AlphaLUXX or StreetLED LED-spotlights and the StreamLED protective tube light. 

  • Safety tubular lights StreamLED
  • System and safety switches
  • Junction boxes
  • AlphaLUXX 

System and safety switches

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Wall-mounted hard rubber distribution boxes

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Outdoor and industry light

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LED Spotlights

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